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Text Box: In this special one off solo concert, recorded in March 2017, backed by her husband and song-writing partner Dave Colquhoun and his band “Truth Is”,  Jay showcases tracks from her most recent album “I Spy” together with tracks from her extensive back catalogue.

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Jay Aston Music

My inspiration came from my family; my mother knew lyrics to hundreds of songs from the 20s to recent chart. She always had the radio on. 

My father adored opera... my brother, Lance, played guitar as a young boy and we would sing together. He was in many West End musicals and paid for my first demo. My cousin, Gary, had a hit with a cover of  “Two Lovely Black Eyes”. He inspired me away from showbiz towards Chart hits. 


When I was nine I had a real moment of clarity about my life and I wrote a list ..

1. Win Eurovision 

2. Have a number one record

3. Do “Top of the Pops”

4. Perform in a Royal Command

...all of which came true by 1982, age 20.


Music has been my drive… I’m always thinking about it.