Bucks Fizz Formerly of 
The Fizz Cheryl Baker Mike Nolan Jay Aston Bobby McVay
Eurovision Song Contest Winners  Making Your Mind Up Dublin 1981
Bobby G Gee Shelley Preston (not featured)
The Land Of Make Believe
Mike Stock
New album 
The F to Z of pop F-Z
Dancing In The Rain
Kew Gardens
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
The Hive

Bucks Fizz; 1981 – 1985


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Styling for Photography

(Tracy Osman Photography)


The Fizz:


bucks fizz land of make believe styling by Jay AstonPhotography by Tracy Osman, Styling by Jay Aston

My brother produced many pop videos in the nineties and I often created looks for those artists. He married Marcella Detroit from Shakespeare’s Sister, which was heavenly as those girls knew how to style a look so I lapped up watching these insanely expensive stylists create them.

I started working on my own photography mid-nineties and that helped me develop my look.

I’ve always been into vintage items since my teens; my mother had a huge collection of costumes for their theatre productions which was like living in Aladdin's cave!

Back in the 80’s when I would arrive with the band to an event, we would often all dress so differently. It didn’t really work, so the management suggested I took over the styling... which was a challenge being the youngest, but I did enjoy having a level of say in how we looked. I do think I created some of our most iconic looks. My passion for fashion started as a 12 year old watching my cousin Sonia, a complete fashionista, coordinate the latest looks with her enormous flair and the means to buy the best.