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 Jays interest in fitness started with her father's pedigree as the son of a world champion fitness guru, Edward Aston, who held world titles and retired undefeated with the title of Britain's strongest man..


Jay released 'Shape Up and Dance' in the mid 80’s and has continued to train, also entering the London marathon and the Great North run several times. She taught dance while running Jay Aston Theatre Arts and has started a fitness blog on her you tube channel.

Jay trains at her local gym three times and week and is currently on a 'New Year, New Me' program.

Along  with her fitness training Jay firmly believes in the benefit of acupuncture, Reiki healing and kinesiology;

Jay follows a high protein, low carb diet and has a gluten and caffeine allergy.



“Weight loss and eating a balanced diet while avoiding junk food and alcohol is a must for me .


Life's a marathon ...I don't think you can function properly if you’re not taking care of yourself... be honest... perhaps you need to lose a few pounds or put a few on ... I will be filming a Vlog  on this subject soon. 

It's a delicate subject for me . 


I do believe in angels of sort... people who help guide us and suddenly seem to appear at the right moments.. I believe in a higher power.. I believe most of us underestimate our true potential and talent.. and the quest is unlocking the real you.. 


What ever you need to do to find peace and happiness must be your life's mission.. love being an essential component. 


Understanding people's motives is important and determining if someone is a good person or just a rotten apple can really help guide you on your path.


My grandfather was a famous world champion strength athlete and he was a very focused and inspiring man.

Fitness has been the backbone of my life. My father taught me from a very young age about the importance of eating healthily and training. 


He was a comedian but entered Mr Universe for a laugh and was voted runner up which inspired me too… before I joined The Fizz I entered NABBA Ms Universe… also for a laugh and came 5th .


My dance career was curtailed by a knee problem and so I drifted into music. I had a successful fitness album in the 80s!! And now I'm posting fitness vlogs on my You tube channel. 


I usually crank up my workouts from January to March which sets me up for the year . It helps get me through the dark winter months which can be a bit depressing. 


I try to do something at least 3-4 days a week even if it's just walking my dog Ted . 


Life is movement...


You are what you eat...


And you deserve to be the best you can be!”. 





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