Jay started teaching in various schools and colleges including The London School of Music and The Academy of Contemporary Music as head of part time vocal courses. She taught  A level and the degree course but in 2001, after 6 years, she decided to start her own school. Her aim was to convey her knowledge to children and direct them towards the industry and the potential pitfalls. 

Jay has a huge interest in motivational affirmations and believes there is always a good reason for everything. During the nineties, Jay went through a difficult time and has found huge support from friends and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins and books with positive affirmations like .. 

“You Can Heal Your Life”  by Louise L. Hay

and more alternative ones written by Jane Roberts like 

“The Nature of Personal Reality” and “Seth Speaks”

"Life is a test of character and by your late twenties you really are who you are; no excuses... make the best of every day…”


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In the card, the message read “Take chances.

                                                    Chances are

                                                     You’ll never regret them”


And that hit home with me. This beautiful old woman had lived her life and she looked very content…


so MY message is :-           “Do your dance!

                                                Don’t count the costs

                                                Love will carry you.”

Motivating Children